5 Tips for Choosing Health Insurance

Health is an important thing that we must take care of. In addition to maintaining health by maintaining food intake, drinking water and getting enough sleep to manage stress, it is also important to buy health insurance. Yes, this health insurance is important to have, the goal is that you are protected from financial risks due to unexpected things such as illness, accidents and death.

By having insurance, you can feel calmer and more secure because you have protection from adverse financial risks. You know, pain also costs money and medical expenses are not cheap.

5 Tips Health Insurance

Fortunately, now buying health insurance is easier. We can buy health insurance online, compare a wide variety of insurance product options and buy one that suits your needs. But with so many choices on the market, buying health insurance can certainly confuse you.

So, so I don’t buy insurance wrong, health. It is better if we first consider what things should be considered. The goal, so you don’t buy the wrong one and can maximize the benefits of this health insurance.

1 Buy Health Insurance When You Are Healthy

Regret always comes too late. Most of us just buy insurance when the disease comes, then realize how high the cost of medical treatment at the hospital is. You must often hear the story of those who just realized how important insurance is after they or relatives are hospitalized and spend expensive medical expenses.

If the condition is already sick and then just bought health insurance, many insurance companies will not grant the application. Because in health insurance you need to understand the provisions of ‘pre-existing conditions’.

The purpose of these provisions is, if you are already sick or already have certain diseases, it is very likely that the insurance company will not provide coverage for these diseases. Therefore, buy and have health insurance when you are in good health.

2. Understand the Needs and Conditions for Hospitalization

Understanding that needs are important. Before buying insurance, make sure you know what your insurance needs are. For example, do you need to have health insurance with extended premiums for critical illness or not? Another thing, understand that every health insurance product has different rules and conditions for hospitalization. There is a common misconception about hospitalization, for example, when you have to be hospitalized, you can file a claim with insurance, at any time.

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In addition, pay close attention to any benefits of health insurance that you will buy. For example, the rules for how long hospitalization can an insurance claim. After 1 day of hospitalization in the hospital, can you file an insurance claim? or you can immediately file a claim with only a few hours of evidence of being admitted to the ER?

3. One Policy for One Family

For those who are married, the question that often arises is, is it better to buy one health insurance policy for one family directly or buy a policy per family member? The answer is, buying health insurance directly for several family members is much cheaper than buying each one. However, this also depends on the benefits and coverage offered.

The choice is for those of you who are married, you can buy family health insurance. Where you will get self-protection in the form of life and health protection that protects all family members (5 people) in one policy.

4. Starting from a young age

Understand that the size of the insurance premium really depends on the coverage of the protection offered, the age of the customer or the insured, the insured’s medical history and the period of protection. In health insurance, there are conditions that apply such as the older a person is, the more premiums paid will be. This is because there are various risks of disease when you get older. So, don’t wait for your parents to have health insurance, because the younger you are, the cheaper the premiums that must be paid.

5. Thoroughly check the benefits and study the insurance policy

Before buying health insurance, you should carefully look at the benefits of insurance (coverage) offered and study the policy as well. It could be that A’s health insurance product is easier than B but the benefits are different. Generally, the benefits commonly offered in a health insurance product include hospitalization benefits, dental care benefits, outpatient benefits, and surgery benefits.

In addition, also understand that different types of insurance are different from hospitals that can accept it. The more hospitals that can accept your insurance, the more profitable you will be. Don’t be lazy to learn about the excluded conditions that are listed in the health insurance policy.

For example, you must understand pre-existing conditions or rules in health insurance which state that insurance benefits do not apply to pre-existing diseases. This means that if you fall ill and have to be hospitalized due to pre-existing conditions, the health insurance company will reject your claim.

The key to choosing health insurance according to your needs
Buying health insurance products according to your needs is important so that you can maximize its benefits and avoid financial risks when you are sick.

The key to choosing the right health insurance is to pay attention to the coverage of protection, the amount of premium charged and the track record of the insurance provider in order to facilitate future claims.

Hopefully this article helps you in choosing health insurance that is right and right for you and your family. Always keep your health and don’t forget to protect yourself with health insurance.

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