9 Tips for Choosing the Best Family Health Insurance

In the midst of the current pandemic, we realize that the most valuable treasure is health. Many people try to live a healthy lifestyle so they don’t get sick. Adhering to health protocols is also an effective way to ensure that you stay protected from disease. In addition, we become aware that choosing the best family health insurance is important to have so that we and our families can get optimal health care when we are sick, without having to drain our savings. Check out the following reviews.

9 Best Family Health Insurance

Criteria for Choosing the Best Family Health Insurance
1. Offers the optimal hospitalization benefits
In choosing the best family health insurance, the first thing you need to pay attention to is to look at the hospitalization benefits offered. The reason is simple, hospitalization is a type of treatment that requires large costs. The benefits of inpatient fees that are usually offered are room fees, doctors, medical costs, laboratory checks, and so on. The more hospitalization benefits covered, the better the health insurance.

2. Protect more diseases, including pandemic diseases.
The best family health insurance will provide protection against various diseases, including diseases that can cause a pandemic, for example currently COVID-19. It’s time to consider health insurance that provides protection against COVID-19. So, when looking for health insurance, the first thing you should look at is a list of diseases that are included in the list of dependents. The more risks of disease that are protected, the better the health insurance. Based on these criteria, one health insurance that you should consider is health insurance from Astra Life with an additional benefit of 117 Crisis Cover.

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3. Extensive hospital network
In addition to providing health protection against various diseases, choosing the best family health insurance that is worth considering is one that has an extensive hospital network. Do not choose health insurance that offers protection against various types of diseases, but insurance is only accepted in a few hospitals.

Given that you don’t know what risks you will face in the future, it is better for you to choose health insurance that does not impose a limit for each treatment, but a combined limit. Because, health insurance that imposes a combined limit will offer flexibility for policyholders.

4. Flexible in determining premiums and benefits
Choose a health insurance company that allows customers to change the benefits and costs of premiums according to their needs. With this kind of option, it will be easier for you to adjust your financial plans in the future.

When you want to upgrade or downgrade, you can do it in the same policy. Of course this is more practical, because customers do not need to find other health insurance that suits their needs and start the registration process all over again. A flexible health insurance policy also allows customers to be protected at all times.

One insurance that provides flexibility is Flexi Critical Illness, a critical illness insurance from Astra Life. With protection of up to IDR 2 billion without a medical check, Flexi Critical Illness provides protection covering the 3 most common critical illnesses in Indonesia, namely Stroke, Heart and Cancer from an early stage.

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5. Imposing a combined limit, no limit per treatment
Every health insurance will certainly have a limit of coverage. However, the form of restrictions that are imposed between one health insurance can be different. The definite limit in every health insurance is the combined limit. This term itself refers to the limit of replacement value that can be provided by insurance to its customers, usually within a year.

In addition to applying a combined limit, there is also health insurance that imposes a limit for each type of treatment. Examples of this type of treatment, for example, limit consultation fees, limit surgical costs, and others. Thus, the sum of all treatment limits will equal the combined limit.

6. Short waiting period
Health insurance generally imposes a waiting period or waiting period for certain types of diseases, for example, six months or one year after the policy is active. Well, one of the criteria for choosing the best health insurance that you deserve to consider is a short waiting period. The shorter the waiting time for a policy, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of health insurance.

7. Easy claim process
The best health insurance will not only offer broad protection benefits. But it will also realize the promise of protection by enforcing an easy claim process. So, customers will really feel the real benefits that health insurance offers. For example, clear and simple claims procedures, fill out and sign forms and complete documents. And what is even more important today is that it allows policyholders to download claim forms and upload them online.

8. Providing cashless facilities
By having the best health insurance, you certainly hope to get peace of mind even in difficult times. Take, for example, when you fall ill and have to be outpatient or inpatient. At the same time, the cash in your account is limited. That is why, another criterion that you must use when choosing the best insurance is the availability of cashless or cashless facilities. Health insurance that provides cashless facilities allows policyholders to undergo hospitalization without having to pay first.

However, what should be noted, this cashless facility only applies to hospitals that are already insurance partners. That is why, you also need to make sure how wide the network of hospitals that are partners when choosing the best health insurance.

9. There are additional benefits for critical illness
The best family health insurance will also provide the widest protection for the insured, including protection against the risk of critical illness. This kind of protection is important considering that critical illness care requires huge medical costs and is a major cause of death.

One health insurance that meets these criteria is the AVA iBright Protector, an investment-linked life insurance (unit link) from Astra Life that provides death benefits, terminal illness benefits, and total and permanent disability benefits. To be more optimal, you can also complement the AVA iBright Protector with additional benefits in the form of medical and surgical care (hospital and surgical / HS).

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