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Homeowners Insurance – The increasing awareness of the public about the importance of protection for the future, making various examples of insurance began to be glanced at to choose the best. Life’s journey that is not always smooth makes you have to have protection for a better future.

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home business insurance One way is to register for insurance to provide health and financial protection. Well, this time Qoala will review examples of insurance with various benefits. Listen yes!

Find Out What Is Insurance

According to the Financial Services Authority (OJK), insurance is an agreement made by insurance companies with policyholders which is the basis for receiving premiums by the insurance company in exchange for compensation for various risks, such as loss, damage, loss of expected profit, death, or other losses incurred. unexpected.

To be able to get replacement rights from this Homeowners Insurance, home business insurance policyholders have an obligation to pay an amount called a premium to the company. Furthermore, the insurance company will provide protection and compensation for future losses that may befall the insurance policyholder.

Along with the development of the times, the types and examples of insurance are increasingly diverse which can be chosen according to your needs. However, if you want to buy insurance, make sure to choose the type that suits your needs and choose a trusted insurance company. That way, the benefits of protection from the insurance that you buy can be maximally felt. Here are some types and examples of insurance marketed in Indonesia:

1. Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the oldest and most frequently used protection products. This insurance product provides health protection to the insured due to an illness and covers the cost of his treatment. home business insurance Some of the causes of illness that are covered by insurance include injury, disability, illness, to death due to accidents. Currently there are many choices of health insurance examples such as BPJS, Prudential, Allianz, AIA, Manulife and many more.

Health insurance benefits can be in the form of Homeowners Insurance:

Outpatient bill reimbursement
Daily compensation for hospitalization
Cover for operating expenses
Death coverage

2. Life Insurance

This type of insurance offers financial guarantee to the policyholder’s heirs if the insured has passed away. Life insurance can be purchased for your own benefit or for the benefit of third parties. For example, a husband buys life insurance that will benefit him after the death of his wife. Life insurance claims payment systems vary, some make payments after death and some claim funds before death.

Life insurance benefits include Homeowners Insurance:

Money is given if there is a risk of death
Money is given when the insured can no longer work because of the risk of total or permanent disability home business insurance
Currently there are three types of life insurance that customers can use, including:

Term Life
This life insurance provides protection for a period of 1.5 years or 10 years. Even though it has a large enough insurance coverage value, the premium money will be forfeited at the end of the period. Therefore, make sure to file a claim immediately before the waiting period ends.

Whole Life
Whole Life is an example of insurance that provides lifetime protection. If the owner of the premium does not die during the contract period, the liability money can still be claimed, but in an amount that is not as big as a term life insurance product.

Link Unit
Unit-linked is an example of non-traditional insurance that combines insurance and investment. Funds paid by customers will be divided into two parts, part of which is included in insurance premiums for protection and partially deposited by the investment manager so that it can be managed as an investment. Later the insurance company will offer several investment options that customers can choose according to their wishes.

Each of the three types of life insurance has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, make sure to choose the type of life insurance that suits your financial needs and abilities. Homeowners Insurance That way insurance benefits can be felt without having to interfere with other needs.

3. Vehicle Insurance

Another example of insurance that is also popular among Indonesians is vehicle insurance. All types of vehicles can be insured, but the most common is a car. This type of insurance will cover the cost of damage to pay for the insured’s motor vehicle loss depending on the type of insurance he chooses.

Car insurance
Insurance companies usually offer two types of insurance for new cars, namely TLO and All Risk. TLO or Total Loss Only insurance guarantees the risk due to theft or damage that exceeds 75%. The premium burden on TLO insurance is quite cheap, but the protection provided is not comprehensive, meaning that if the car has minor damage, it cannot file a claim. Meanwhile, all risk insurance provides comprehensive and comprehensive protection against all types of damage, Homeowners Insurance from minor damage to major damage to loss. home business insurance The premium for All Risk insurance is certainly more expensive and suitable for expensive types of cars that need extra protection.

Motorcycle Insurance
Just like insurance for cars, motorbike insurance also consists of two options, namely TLO and All Risk. TLO insurance can be claimed if the motorbike is damaged above 75% or there is a loss. While all risk insurance covers all repair costs ranging from minor damage, major damage to compensation for lost due to theft.

Vehicle insurance benefits in the form of coverage for vehicle damage costs for:

Risk of accidents
Risk of burglary or theft
Natural disaster risk
The risk of terrorism, riots, riots
The risk of accidents on the road is still quite high, making vehicle owners need to have insurance for the vehicle they have just bought. With insurance, you don’t need to worry if something happens that causes damage or even loss of the vehicle because repair and replacement costs will be borne by the insurance company.

4. Home and Property Ownership Insurance

Property insurance is another example of insurance. A house or property is one of the most valuable assets that has a large enough value. Homeowners Insurance To protect these assets in order to remain safe, homeowners are not reluctant to provide more protection, namely by buying insurance for home and property ownership. This insurance provides protection against damage and loss that may occur in certain items. Insurance like this also protects and provides relief if home business insurance the insured’s house or property experiences a disaster such as fire, theft and damage due to natural disasters.

The benefits of home and property insurance include:

Protection of damage due to natural disasters
Protection for damage and loss when thieves enter the house
House values ​​are maintained
Protect the contents of the building

5. Business Insurance

To protect businesses from the unexpected, many entrepreneurs have started using business insurance services. Homeowners Insurance This insurance is one example of insurance that is important for business owners because it provides protection against large amounts of damage, loss or loss that may occur to a business or business. Insurance companies usually offer several benefits from this business insurance such as protection for employees, business assets, investment and business protection to health insurance coverage packages for employees.

Business insurance benefits include:

Indemnity protection
Protection of business assets from risks that may occur
Worker safety protection
More confident in doing business
Guarantee of delivery of goods

6. Education Insurance

For those of you who want to provide the best education guarantee for your children, buying education insurance is the right choice. Education is important in order to ensure a better future for children. Given that the cost of education continues to increase every year, it is important to prepare for education costs early on.

Education insurance benefits include:

Cash according to the specified time, usually can be arranged according to when the child will enter school up to the desired education level
Guarantee children’s education funds
Planning for children’s education
Future investment tool for children

7. General Insurance

General insurance or general insurance is protection against the risk of loss or loss of benefits and legal liability to third parties. home based business insurance This general insurance is included in the example of short-term insurance, usually only valid for about one year. This general insurance has several types, including:

Social Insurance
Social insurance is a type of insurance that every person or resident must have, with the intention that everyone has a guarantee in old age. Homeowners Insurance The characteristic of this insurance is that premium payments are made by force, such as by cutting someone’s salary every month.

Voluntary Insurance
As the name suggests, this insurance is run voluntarily without coercion by any party. This voluntary insurance is divided into two types, namely Government Insurance and Commercial Insurance. home based business insurance Government insurance is an example of insurance that is run by the government, while commercial insurance is insurance that is intended to provide protection to a person or family and company from risks that may arise due to unexpected events.

8. Credit Insurance

Another example of insurance is credit insurance. Credit insurance is a guarantee of protection against the risk of debtor failure to pay off credit facilities or cash loans such as working capital to trade credit. home based business insurance This insurance aims to protect banks or other financial institutions from the possibility of recovering loans lent to customers and to help provide credit direction and security. One example of credit insurance in Indonesia is PT. Indonesian Credit Insurance.

9. Marine Insurance

Marine insurance is a special type of insurance in the marine sector that is usually owned by cargo owners. This insurance provides protection against the possibility of cargo damage, ship damage to accidents that cause passengers to be injured. Marine insurance involves using a shipping service in delivering goods. Each marine insurance user has a different premium. Some of the factors that affect this insurance premium are the type of goods insured, the packing of the goods, the insured risk, the transportation and also the travel time.

Marine insurance benefits include:

Guarantee for compensation due to events that come from outside
Repair costs in case of ship damage
Passenger maintenance costs in the event of a sea accident

10. Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural insurance is another example of insurance that covers all risks of loss in farming, raising livestock and fisheries. home liability insurance This insurance is facilitated by the government as a form of protection for Indonesian farmers and breeders. This insurance provides coverage for compensation due to failed crops and other causes. The government will replace farmers’ capital and farmers can continue their farming activities.

There are 2 types of agricultural insurance, namely:

Insurance for plants
This insurance provides protection against all risks that occur in food crops, home liability insurance horticulture, and plantations.

Insurance for livestock
Insurance for livestock provides protection for livestock businesses in the form of non-ruminant and monogastric / pseudoruminant.

Agricultural insurance benefits include:

Protection against crop failure
Large compensation value
Ease of registering as an insurance member
There is a premium payment subsidy

11. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an example of insurance as a form of protection for consumers in the short term. home liability insurance This insurance is valid as long as the premium buyer travels back home. The benefits of travel insurance are to provide protection and coverage for accidents that befell premium buyers, personal accident compensation, coverage for emergency medical expenses, repatriation of bodies, medical evacuation, to protection of luggage that has the risk of being lost or damaged.

Travel insurance benefits include:

Baggage security guarantees
Guaranteed departure on time
Cash in case of accident risk
Reimbursement for emergency medical expenses

12. Mobile Insurance

Cellphone insurance is part of electronic insurance that provides protection for newly purchased mobile devices. replacement cost homeowners insurance This cellphone insurance is different from warranty because it not only provides protection for repair costs if damaged, but also replacements if items are lost. This type of insurance is an example of mobile electronic insurance because cellphones are easy to carry anywhere.

Benefits of cellphone insurance include:

Protect the phone screen and motherboard
Recover valuable data
New cellphone replacement

13. Pension Insurance

Pension insurance is a financial guarantee protection when the customer has entered retirement age. In Indonesia alone, replacement cost homeowners insurance the retirement period is set to range from 55 to 60 years. This insurance will later function as long-term savings that will be used when the work period has passed. By having this old age insurance, you can still live comfortably and calmly in old age without the need to reduce your current lifestyle because you have financial guarantees.

Pension insurance benefits include:

Avoid financial difficulties in old age
Compensation for the risk of disability and death
The best investment for provisions in old age
That’s an example of insurance that is and is available around us. homeowners insurance in fire prone areas Although there are still many people who think insurance is not important, in fact insurance offers many benefits and benefits to the owner. Insurance is protection and protection for assets and guarantees the welfare of life in the future. homeowners insurance in fire prone areas Along with the increasing public awareness of the importance of this protection, insurance is increasingly sought after. Make sure to choose the best insurance according to your needs so that you can feel the benefits later. Come on, get various insurance offers with attractive premiums on the Qoala Blog!

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