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Lung Cancer Treatment – What is cancer? Cancer is a disease caused by cells that grow abnormally where the cells lose control of growth in our bodies. Cancer cells have unique properties, namely having the ability to multiply continuously, the ability to penetrate the surrounding tissue and damage it and the ability to move from the place of origin (metastasis).

Are tumors and cancer the same?

The terms tumor and cancer go hand in hand. The term tumor is used to describe a lump or tissue that grows abnormally and can be benign or malignant. While cancer is a malignant tumor that can spread to other parts of the body Lung Cancer Treatment and damage surrounding healthy cells.

What causes cancer?

Lung Cancer Treatment is caused by environmental factors and generic factors. Environmental factors include various types of viruses, chemicals, ionizing radiation and ultraviolet light. Most of these environmental factors have the same characteristics, namely damaging DNA, resulting in gene damage. The body does have natural processes and mechanisms to repair damaged cell genes. However, when the process fails, the damage can get worse and lead to uncontrolled cell growth. Lung Cancer Treatment The environmental factors mentioned above have the potential to prevent the body from repairing damaged cells.

Lung Cancer Treatment

Genetic factors in the incidence of cancer can be seen from the existence of a large family with family members who for generations had cancer at a young age. Genetic factors together with environmental factors interact to cause cancer.

What are the symptoms of cancer?

The types of cancer that vary widely determine what symptoms will appear along with the complications that may be experienced by the patient. However, usually patients who suffer from cancer will experience Lung Cancer Treatment the following symptoms:

Limp, tired easily, pale
Nausea, decreased appetite
Chronic cough or chest pain (in lung cancer)
A lump appears (according to the origin of the cancer)
Pain in an area of ​​the body (due to cancer growth or suppression of cancer)
Disorders of bowel and urination (for cancers of the gastrointestinal and genital tract)
Continuous fever (due to infection or from cancer)
Bleeding suddenly (in lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, genital)
Bruising and bleeding (blood cancer)
Keep in mind that the symptoms above are not absolutely present, whether they appear or not depend on the type of cancer, the patient’s condition, and the chronic level of cancer experienced by the patient.

Is cancer a hereditary disease?

Not all cancer patients are caused by a family history of cancer. There are some genetic disorders that are inherited and can cause cancer. Therefore, we cannot automatically confirm whether the cancer is really a hereditary disease. In order to prevent unwanted things, it is necessary to detect early and consult a doctor.

What are the treatment methods for Lung Cancer Treatment?

Cancer treatment methods must be carried out holistically and need to consider social, spiritual, and medical aspects, so that cancer sufferers will get maximum support. There are several treatment methods that can be used to treat cancer.

Hormone therapy
Target therapy
This method of treatment can be given alone or in combination according to the type of cancer, the patient’s condition and the stage of the cancer.

When is the right time to see a doctor and how can you prevent cancer?

People who have a history of cancer in the family should immediately consult a doctor to assess their risk of cancer and undergo routine screening and checkups to a doctor. For example, a smoker whose family members have had lung cancer certainly has a higher risk of developing cancer.

Patients who have complaints of lumps, or symptoms of Lung Cancer Treatment should see a doctor to consult about the disease.

Cancer patients who are being treated by an oncologist (hemato-oncologist) need to do routine checks to see if the treatment given is effective and if there are any side effects. If it has been declared cured of cancer, the patient must still have his condition checked by a doctor regularly to ensure that the cancer does not recur.

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