Tips for Choosing the Best Health Insurance

Choosing health insurance for yourself and your family does need consideration. Not only in terms of costs, but also health services that will be guaranteed. Of course, choosing health insurance must match your needs and budget.

Even though there is a Social Security Administering Body (BPJS) for Health, having health insurance is just as important. The goal is to complement health insurance. If there is a disease that is not covered by BPJS, then health insurance can cover it.

Best Health Insurance

Currently, there are many health insurance products in circulation. Each product offers its respective advantages. Including the amount of premium. Some are very affordable to the most expensive.

The amount of this premium will affect the health insurance you will receive. Still, you have to be smart in choosing the right and best health insurance product for your family, so that you get the maximum benefits.

If you are still confused, here are tips for choosing health insurance:

1. Do not recklessly accept cash plan product offers

There are many kinds of insurance. One of them is a cash plan product. Policyholders are promised a certain amount of reimbursement funds if they are sick and have to be hospitalized in the hospital. The amount of funds depends on the initial decision when purchasing an insurance product. The premium is usually cheaper.

For example, a policy holder is sick with dengue fever and must be hospitalized for 3 days. Per day, the sum insured for inpatient rooms is IDR 2 million. Then the cash plan policy holder gets a reimbursement of Rp. 2 million multiplied by 5 days. Means of Rp. 10 million.

But that’s all it will bear. Meanwhile, in addition to room bills, there are other costs such as medicines, doctor fees, not to mention blood tests at the laboratory, specialist doctors, and others. It is not seen in the cash plan type of insurance.

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While the right health insurance is not only the room costs that are covered, but also these bills even though there is a limit or ceiling. For example, the cost of medicine per day, a ceiling of Rp. 500 thousand, a specialist Rp. 500 thousand, or others.

2. Choose family insurance

If you are married and have children, buy an insurance policy for the entire family. One and the same policy. This will save you the cost of insurance premiums every month and both for the health coverage of your wife / husband and children. More practical, right, than their respective policies.

3. Choose double claim insurance

If you intend to have two health insurance at once, make sure you choose insurance that allows double claims. You can make a claim even if you only use a legalized receipt. While the original receipt you will use to submit claims to other insurance companies.

4. Choose pure insurance

Choosing pure health insurance can be the right decision. Insurance like this allows you to get the maximum benefit, without paying expensive premiums. Pure health insurance is not accompanied by investment (unit link), so you only need to pay a premium for the health benefits that you will get.

5. Buy insurance while healthy

The purpose of buying an insurance policy is definitely to get protection or insurance from health risks. No one knows when the disease will come. Prepare an umbrella before it rains, not the other way around. Including choosing and applying for health insurance.

If you apply for health insurance when you have a serious illness or have a history of being hospitalized, the insurance companies have their respective policies. Some even refused the insurance application. Based on the insurance company policy, it is possible that the disease that you have suffered will not be covered.

6. Buy insurance as early as possible

The sooner you apply for health insurance, the better. If you apply for health insurance when you are young, then you will have the opportunity to get a low premium.

Conversely, you have to pay a higher premium if you apply for insurance after old age and suffer from certain diseases. So don’t delay buying health insurance, so you can enjoy maximum service at an affordable premium.

7. Conditions for being hospitalized

The benefits of hospitalization should be your consideration in choosing health insurance. Don’t get sick and have to be hospitalized, but you can’t make a claim because you don’t understand the rules of hospitalization from the start of buying the policy.

Usually the insurance company will make these two things as a condition of hospitalization for policyholders, namely

Selection of the hospital that will be used as a place of hospitalization. This relates to the understanding of a hospital according to the insurance company itself.
The length of the hospitalization period. The average insurance company sets two days as a condition, but there are also those that set just one day.
Understand Your Needs and Your Family
Every family or individual has different health insurance needs. That will determine you in choosing an insurance product. Apart from needs, financial ability is also an important factor. Do not need complete health insurance, but it is not supported by the budget.

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